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Weather Archives for 2020-10

Thursday October 8, 2020

Good Thursday afternoon ya'll. I hope you have had a great couple of weeks! Hopefully you have been able to enjoy the sunshine & perfect Fall weather we have had this week because it looks like we will have a different story starting tomorrow and into your weekend.


Hurricane Delta looks to make landfall tomorrow evening as it will affect parts of Texas, Louisiana, & Mississippi. After making landfall, Delta will continue to move across parts of the South & will enter the Western/Southwestern part of the Bluegrass late Saturday night into Sunday morning. This system looks to bring chances of showers and possible storms throughout your weekend.


Let's take a look at your forecast to end the week and take you into your weekend:


Tonight - Mostly cloudy; Lows in the mid 50s


Friday - Mostly cloudy; Highs around 80

Friday Night - Cloudy, 60% Showers; Lows in the low 60s; Rain totals could average from 1/10" to 1/4".


Saturday - Mostly Cloudy; 70% Showers; Highs in the low 70s; Rain totals could average between 1/2" to 3/4".

Saturday Night - Mostly Cloudy; 70% Showers & possible storms; Lows in the low 60s; Rain totals could average between 3/4" to 1".


Sunday - Mostly Cloudy; 70% Showers & possible storms; Highs in the mid 70s

Sunday Night - Mostly Cloudy; 30% Showers & possible storms; Lows in the low to mid 60s.


Monday - Partly Sunny; 20% Showers; Highs in the upper 70s.

Monday Night - Partly Cloudy; 20% Showers; Lows in the mid 50s.


Tuesday - Mostly Sunny; 20% Showers; Highs around 70.


Again if you have any outdoor weekend plans, be sure to stay updated with the latest weather forecasts & outlooks here on our blogs and also on air at 98.7 The Buck!


Also if you all have any local photos you would like to submit to be used for some of our awesome graphics, I am still receiving those. I have received numerous beautiful photos so thank you!



- Send the name of the person who captured the photo.

- The location the photo was taken.

- Prefer landscape mode (more wide than it is tall)

- No watermarks please.

- Looking for the following themes of photos: Fall, Rain, Storms, Landscapes, Sunshine, etc. 

- Also please no individuals to be within the photo if necessary.


Email them to


I am looking forward to more of these awesome local photos!