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98.7 The Buck's Bag the Big Buck Savage Scavenger Hunt

This contest was a huge success all thanks to our listeners & our sponsors (which you can find below)!









98.7 The Buck is teaming up with Labascus Armory and other participating sponsors for The Big Buck Scavenger Hunt!


One lucky Buck listener will win a Savage deer rifle! Retail value of this awesome prize is right at $900!! You can go check it out on display at Labascus Armory. This will given away the Friday after Thanksgiving!


Here is how this contest will go:


  • Visit each sponsor in your town (For example: If you live in Somerset, you will NOT travel to Liberty or Danville to get clues, you will get your clues from the sponsors we have listed for Somerset ONLY. If you live in Liberty, you will not travel to Danville or Somerset to gather clues, you will gather clues from the Liberty sponsors ONLY.) to gather clues to unscramble the secret word. There will be a different code word each week.
  • Each sponsor has a different clue on display at their location.
  • Be sure you listen in every Friday for your chance to call in and give the secret word to get registered for the drawing! The drawing will be held on the Friday AFTER Thanksgiving.
  • You can register as many times as you can, so don't give up!!
  • The more times you are able to get entered, the greater your chances are of winning.


Here are our sponsors for this fun scavenger hunt:


  • Labascus Armory - 7733 KY 501 - Liberty
  • Mike Edwards at the Barber On The Square - across from the old courthouse in Liberty
  • Ridgetop Greenhouses & Landscaping - 803 Thomas Ridge Spur Road - Liberty
  • Dairy Mart - On the bypass at 437 N Wallace Wilkinson Blvd - Liberty
  • Polly's Shoes Two - 912 South US 127 - Liberty
  • The Village Restaurant - On the bypass at 115 N Wallace Wilkinson Blvd - Liberty
  • Lights of Liberty Theater - 36 Hustonville Street - Liberty


  • Allstate Agent Charles Cromer - 705 W KY 80 - Somerset
  • Mattresses R Us - Light #9 @ 834 S US HWY 27 - Somerset
  • Keller Trailer Sales - 105 E Todd Road - Science Hill
  • Henderson Fuel - On the corner at KY 235 & KY 80 - Nancy


  • Curtsinger Sunrise Outfitters - 1389 Old Stanford Road - Danville


As always GOOD LUCK from THE BUCK!