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Warmer Temps Won't Last This Weekend - Brought to you by The Labascus Armory

98.7 The Buck's Weather Blog is brought to you by The Labascus Armory, check them out today on Facebook & their website at


Good mid-week Wednesday folks! It has been calm this week in the weather world. Mild temperatures & plenty of sunshine is the perfect forecast compared to what we have dealt with in the last few weeks.


Don't get too spoiled to the mild temps tho because a cold front will make its way across the area this weekend. Friday's high temps will top around 60 & by Sunday, high temps will be around the mid-30s. Oh & might I mention, we have the potential for a light snow event this weekend, let me give you the rundown.


So I will be showing you the NAM & GFS models in this blog (yes there are many others but I am just choosing 2 to keep it simple).

Above is the NAM model that shows forecast snow totals through 7 PM EST Saturday evening. As you can see some local areas are showing little to nothing. As we look into Russell, Pulaski, & counties South, there is a bit of accumulation of around 1', give or take. Now let's take a look at the GFS model below:



All of you who are not as much of a snow lover as others, depending on where you live, might like the GFS a bit better. This GFS screenshot is good through Sunday at 1 PM EST. Snow accumulations are lesser at less than 1" for our local area.


All in all even tho the accumulations are showing different on each model, the one things these models have in common is the POTENTIAL for a light snow event.


I will continue to monitor data & model trends and keep you updated. You can catch your updates on air on 98.7, here on our website, & even on Facebook (be sure to like & follow us). Until the next time, enjoy the sun & mild temps!



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