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1/12/22 - Real Weather Talk No Hype Allowed - Brought to you by The Labascus Armory

Your weather blog is brought to you by The Labascus Armory - located on KY 501 in Casey County. Go visit Chad Davenport & the crew today!


Happy Wednesday folks! I want to talk real weather talk today, no hype is being allowed.


Looking on social media I have seen multiple posts that have been made and even shared across hundreds and thousands of folks that is just what I like to call "hype" posts.


What are hype posts? Posts/information that exaggerates on what the actual weather events/conditions could or will be. For example, these posts I have seen today are showing only one model & this model shows 12" of snow forecasted this weekend.


When your forecasters mention or say "we are keeping an eye on model & data trends..." for a weather event, usually that means before they share any additional specifics including snow totals, they are watching the different models because more than likely they are inconsistent or are too far out for a weather event. Therefore the word "trends". Oh & by the way these hype posts I am referring to are for a snow event for this weekend.


I try to share and give the most ideal details and forecasts for our LOCAL area. I say LOCAL in all caps because tv stations and other news media will focus more on the bigger cities & towns compared to us smaller ones.


So with all of that being said, within the next week or so I will be breaking down and sharing what models are used the most with certain weather & which of these models are more accurate compared to the ones that are used to hype up weather information & forecasts.


Before I end this blog, lets go ahead and take a look at our forecast into the weekend. This forecast is the latest as of 1:50 PM here on January 12, 2022:

Tonight: Partly Cloudy, Lows in the low 30s.

Thursday: 20% Rain, Mostly Cloudy, Highs in the mid 40s.

Thursday Night: Mostly Cloudy, Lows near 30.

Friday: Mostly Cloudy, Highs in the low 40s.

Friday Night: 20% Snow after 1 AM, Mostly Cloudy, Lows in the mid to upper 20s.

Saturday: 50% Precip (Rain & Snow) Mostly Cloudy, Highs in the mid 30s.


If you ever have any questions/comments/concerns or even suggestions on what you would like to see a blog to contain, feel free to email me any time at


Have a great Hump Day! Thanks for sharing!



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