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Good Friday afternoon folks! It has been a hectic week in the weather world & it looks like that will be the trend as we look into late Sunday night into Tuesday for another winter weather event and then again later in the week on Thursday.


Please keep in mind, our main goal is to focus here LOCALLY on our local areas such as Casey, Taylor, Boyle, Lincoln, Pulaski, Adair, Russell, & Marion counties plus others. DO NOT feed into the hype if you see fake sources mentioning out of the ordinary amounts of snow. ALWAYS read your articles in their entirety to fully understand what can happen and what is possible as totals show different with different models and are ALWAYS changing.


So since that has been mentioned, let’s get down on what to possibly expect for this second round of winter weather, keep in mind like the last event we had the forecast is definitely subject to change. Thanks to the long-term AFD, we are better able to explain this in simple terms. 


So the main focus is on a system that will actually come in two waves. The first wave will arrive late Sunday night/early Monday morning.  


The second wave, which has a possibility of being stronger will arrive Monday night into Tuesday morning. Now unlike our ice event we had Wednesday evening into early yesterday morning, this system will be more of a wintry mix due to the increase of moisture it has. Now which areas will get what kind of precipitation? That is still uncertain but I will continue to keep a close eye on the track of this system, as well as model trends. As of right now, to give an idea, for much of the state, we will see a mix of snow & sleet. However, we could see a mix of freezing rain & sleet south of the parkways. Preciptitation totals will be very SIGNIFICANT, so it would be a good idea to start preparing and taking necessary actions, rather be prepared than not be prepared.


After the first wave, we should be able to see a break Monday late morning/early afternoon before the second & stronger wave arrives for Monday night into Tuesday morning. Of course, different models (GFS, Canadian, European) are varying between snow/sleet & sleet/freezing rain. The area that all of these models are in agreeance with are for the Eastern/Southeastern parts of the state. Locally, we should be right there in the mix, still uncertain of accumulation totals but they are showing significant as mentioned above. 


Now after those 2 waves pass through (by Tuesday morning), there is another system that should arrive by Wednesday evening into Thursday. Uncertainty remains for this system since we are still a way out, but models and data will continued to be monitored, to provide you with the updates they show. 


Screenshots of those model images will also be shared to show you what to expect around what timeframe. 


Below is a look at the extended forecast from today into Tuesday night, don’t want to share too far out with these waves as there will more than likely be a change in high temperatures compared to what is currently showing: 


Today – Mostly Cloudy; Highs in the mid to upper 30s 

Tonight – 20% Rain; Mostly Cloudy; Lows in the upper 20s. 


Saturday – 30% Freezing Rain/Rain; Mostly Cloudy; Highs in the mid 30s. 

Saturday Night – Cloudy; Lows in the low to mid 20s. 


Sunday – 20% Sleet; Mostly Cloudy; Highs in the low 30s.  

Sunday Night – 60% Freezing Rain/Sleet; Mostly Cloudy; Lows in the mid teens. 


Monday – 60% AM Sleet/Freezing Rain > Snow/Freezing Rain; Cloudy; Highs in the mid 20s. 

Monday Night – 80% Snow Showers/Freezing Rain > All Snow; Lows in the mid to upper teens. 


Tuesday – 20% Snow; Mostly Cloudy; Highs in the upper 20s. 

Tuesday Night – Mostly Cloudy; Lows in the mid to upper teens. 


Again, this forecast is subject to change, & we will provide those latest changes when possible.  


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