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Good Wednesday evening, I know this is a later than usual blog, but I wanted to update everyone on Hurricane Laura before landfall is made. As of 11:00 tonight, Hurricane Laura is a CAT 4 Hurricane and possibly headed to be a CAT 5.


To put this storm in perspective, here are words from the National Weather Service:

"Unsurvivable Storm Surge that could penetrate 40 miles inland, large destructive waves, max sustained winds currently (as of around 10:30 PM) at 150 MPH, and flooding that will potentially impact all the way to Ohio."


It looks like, as of right now, Western Kentucky is under a Moderate Risk (red) of experiencing Flash Flooding through Friday morning, and then here is South Central Kentucky extending up North, we are in the Slight Risk (yellow) of experiencing Flash Flooding. NWS Louisville forecasts that we could see a total of around 2-3" of rain this weekend, that is subject to change as well.


I will be posting another blog later tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) to give an update as Hurricane Laura will make landfall overnight down in parts of Louisiana & parts of Texas.


I hope you continue to follow these updates as this system continues to move inland.


Also keep everyone in these areas in your prayers as they have had to pack up and move away from their homes, knowing it will not be the same when they return. Also prayers for travel & safety for everyone as well.




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