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Good Wednesday afternoon. In today's blog, I will be discussing more of Hurricane Laura down in the Gulf & the effects that will have on our weekend weather here in Kentucky.


So as of this afternoon, Hurricane Laura has been deemed a Category 4 Hurricane. This means this is a very dangerous and strong storm, as it moves inland to make landfall. As of 2:00 PM today from the NOAA National Hurricane Center, they state the following: 

"Catastrophic storm surge, extreme winds, and flash flooding are all expected along the NorthWest Gulf Coast tonight." They also state "Little time remains to protect life & property." Water levels have began to rise along the coast of Louisiana. Winds of Hurricane Laura are expected to increase to 140+ mph, even possibly reaching around 190 mph in Port Arthur, TX & Lake Charles, LA. 


Now you may ask, why am I talking about a hurricane that is hundreds of miles from us here in Kentucky? Well, it is pretty simple, the path of Hurricane Laura, after she makes landfall shows that the remnants will sweep all the way here in Kentucky & The Ohio Valley. See image I have attached below as it comes from the NOAA NHC website & includes key messages as well as the images of the path of Laura & the rainfall amounts:


[Key Messages]


The last few days of sunshine and warm temperatures have been amazing & I hope you have taken advantage of that because rain chances increase for us tomorrow into Saturday Night. 


Tomorrow we are currently showing around a 50% chance of showers & storms with highs topping around the mid to upper 80s. Friday, rain & storm chances increase slightly to around 60% with highs in the mid to upper 80s as well. Rain chances will continue overnight into Saturday. By Saturday afternoon, rain/storm chances will be at 90% with high temps decreasing a bit to the low 80s. By Sunday rain chances will decrease dramatically down to 20% and high temps will continue to remain cooler as they hang around 80.


Locally here in South Central Kentucky, we could possibly see 2-3" of rain over the next few days.



All weather information provided above is current as of 3:40 PM EDT this afternoon. If there are any major changes with the forecast I will be sure to post a new blog.


If you have any questions be sure to let me know! I am hoping to get some weather folklore in the next blog.




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