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It is Finally Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful week! I know around majority of the local area (South-Central KY), it has been an overcast day with cooler temperatures along with some scattered showers. That chance of scattered showers & storms will continue into your weekend, so if you have any outdoor plans, you may want to stay updated with the latest weather forecast.


We do have a Flash Flood Watch that remains in effect until 10 PM EDT tonight, due to the possibility of localized rainfall amount of around 2-3" being expected therefore causing flash flooding. A Flash Flood Watch means that conditions may develop that lead to flash flooding. Be sure to monitor local media for your latest forecasts and weather updates.


Let's take a look at that weekend forecast into next week:


Tonight - 40% showers/storms; Some storms could produce heavy rainfall; Lows around the upper 60s.


Saturday - 40% showers/storms; AM Fog; Cloudy gradually becoming mostly sunny; Highs around the low 80s; 

Saturday Night - 40% showers/storms; Lows around the mid 60s; 


Sunday - 40% showers/storms; Mostly Sunny; Highs around the mid 80s;

Sunday Night - 30% showers/storms; Partly Cloudy; Lows around the low 60s;


Monday - Sunny; Highs around the low to mid 80s;

Monday Night - Mostly Clear; Lows around the low 60s;


Tuesday - 20% showers; Sunny; Highs around the low to mid 80s;

Tuesday Night - 20% showers; Partly Cloudy; Lows around the low 60s;


**Forecast is as of 3:50 PM EDT this afternoon (Friday Aug. 14, 2020)

**Forecast is always subject to change.


There has been an update within our Saturday forecast as the shower/storm chance had been around 70-80% chance and it is not around 40%.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, if there are any MAJOR changes in the forecast I will do my best to post an updated blog.



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