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A local man was arrested on numerous charges over the weekend after a tussle with Deputies.

Sunday night around 11pm, Casey County Deputies Jacob Atwood and Austin Harris responded to a call about a verbal domestic dispute at a residence on Parton Ridge Road. Upon arrival, David J. Whitt, and Robert & Megan Welton were in the front yard. Whitt appeared to be throwing punches, and Megan had her hand over her face as if she had been hit.

Whitt and Robert Welton were against the porch when Deputies arrived. Whitt started backing away when they approached him. Deputy Atwood gave Whitt verbal commands to stop backing up, but Whitt refused to comply. He then turned and ran.

Deputy Atwood deployed his taser, and Whitt dropped to one knee, but then took off again. Whitt was tased again and fell to the ground.

Deputies attempted to place Whitt into custody, but he continued to resist. Deputy Harris was able to place one handcuff on him, but Whitt tucked his other hand underneath him and refused to place it behind his back.

Deputy Harris attempted to tase Whitt to gain compliance, but Whitt rolled onto his back and grabbed the taser. Harris stated that Whitt placed both of his hands on the taser, placing his thumbs on Harris' finger, pushing the trigger, causing the taser to strike both Harris and Whitt.

As the struggle continued, Deputies were finally able to successfully place Whitt into cuffs and walk him back to the residence. EMS arrived to evaluate Whitt, but he attempted to run again. Megan Welton's left eye was swelling shut where Whitt had struck her, and Robert Welton had a knot in front of his left ear.

20-year-old David Whitt was transported to Casey County Hospital for medical clearance and then transported to Casey County Jail.

He is charged with Public intoxication-controlled substance,  Assault-4th degree, Resisting arrest, Assault-3rd degree-Police Officer, & Fleeing/Evading police-2nd degree (on foot).