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The Casey County Fiscal Court met in regular session Monday. 

A group representing the Trail Town Committee was in attendance as the court approved approximately a 4 mile section of Shut In Road as a shared walking trail. Casey county judge executive Randy Dial...

In other business, three openings have come up on the Casey County Ambulance Board. Jan Bastin was re-appointed for another two-year term. Kathy Hines was re-appointed for another four year term. Judge Dial postponed the third opening until next meeting.

There’s also been an opening created on the hospital board...

Under miscellaneous business, County Treasurer Debbie Vaughn will be off for a time due to health reasons. To fill that vacancy, Melissa Richards was suspended as Deputy Judge so that she may fill in as acting Treasurer until Debbie Vaughn returns.

Alyssa Sharpe was hired to fill the void at the Judge Executives Office at a rate of $10 per hour.

Judge Dial says representatives from FEMA have been conducting a site visit to assess flood damage in the county...

The next regular meeting of the Casey County Fiscal Court will be Aug. 2nd.