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The Casey County fiscal Court met in regular session Monday.


Connie & Tashanda Cundiff, representing the Trail Town Committee, addressed the court concerning adding Shut-In Road as a hiking and biking trail...



The magistrates will take up the matter at the next meeting.


Under general business, there were two seats becoming available on the Library Board. Donna Carman‘s term has ended, and Greg Powell's term is expiring. The court appointed Rosemary Sparr to fill the vacancy, and re-appointed Greg Powell for another term.


Also under general business Casey County judge executive Randy Dial presented the magistrates with the yearly bids. For the most part the bids remain the same or slightly higher than last year. Most were non-competing bids and were approved. The one exception was the bid for Road tiles. Judge executive Randy Dial...


The motion was made and approved.


The next meeting of the Casey County fiscal court will be Monday, June 21st.