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A Somerset man was jailed after tussling with Police & EMS.


Pulaski Co. Sheriff Greg Speck reports that shortly before 2am Wednesday, Deputies Ryan Jones, Tan Hudson, Branson Patterson and Sergeant Steven Alexander responded to an urgent call to Samara Drive to assist the Somerset/Pulaski County Emergency Services with a combative person, identified as 29 year old Corey Upchurch, of Stewart Drive Somerset. Upchurch was reportedly fighting with personnel, there to help him with a medical emergency.


Deputies found Upchurch lying on the floor. When they tried to get him to his feet, he started fighting with them also. 


Corey Upchurch is charged with:
1. Two counts of Assault 3rd Degree (EMS, Fire, Rescue Squad)
2. Three counts of Assault 3rd Degree (Police Officer)
3. Menacing
4. Resisting Arrest


Only minor injuries reported. No First Responder received treatment for injuries nor did the assailant.


The case remains under investigation by Deputy Ryan Jones.