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The Liberty City Council met in regular session Monday.


The meeting began with the swearing in of the Council Members by Casey County Judge Executive Randy Dial.


The minutes of the last meeting were approved with one notation from Councilman Brian Beeler, who had requested an itemized breakdown of every customer's water and sewer bill for the past year. The sewer information was provided, however, the water information was not yet prepared... 



Further discussion on sewer rates were tabled for a special meeting to be called later, once all the information is compiled.


Mayor Steven Brown says a proposed hike in Kentucky Utility rates will affect the city's operational costs...



The Council voted for the City to join with the County to send a joint letter of protest to the PSC concerning the rate increase.


The job of setting Council salaries will be on the agenda at the up-coming special called meeting.

It was reported to the Council that there is a significant water leak on KY 49. The line running from Butcher Street to the city limits will likely have to be replaced, complete with hydrants and new taps for each customer... 



Estimates of the project were at least $500,000. There were several other leaks reported around the city. Councilman Richard Montgomery reminded the Council that the infrastructure is 50-60 years old and will likely continue springing periodic leaks until it can be replaced.


Councilman Andy Lawhorn requested City Department Heads be required to be present at future meetings.


The next regular meeting of the Liberty City Council will be Monday, Feb. 8th, though a special meeting will likely be called before that date.