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Kentucky leads Tennessee by 79 donors in the 33rd annual Big Blue Crush blood drive, according to the Kentucky Blood Center.


A total of 494 Solid Blue Fans donated on Tuesday compared to 384 for Tennessee.


The score after two days of competition is Kentucky 884, Tennessee 805, according to KBC.

KBC officials say: "There are three more days to help relieve the current blood shortage and build the holiday supply. As we move through the week, remember that blood donation is considered essential and safe.”


KBC and Medic Regional Blood Center in Knoxville annually compete to see whose donors can give the most blood the week prior to Thanksgiving.


Kentucky leads the rivalry 18 to 13 with one tie.


As a thank you for saving lives, Big Blue Crush donors receive a long-sleeved Crush T-shirt and are entered to win a 65” Samsung Crystal UHD television.


All donations are being tested for COVID-19 antibodies as well.


KBC urges Kentucky fans to help maintain the lead.


  • Casey County Cooperative Extension Office, S. 127, Liberty (12-6pm today!)
  • Somerset Donor Center, 10 Stonegate Centre (Stoplight 16A), Somerset

Blood donors must be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds, feel well and healthy, show a photo I.D. and meet additional requirements. Sixteen-year-old donors must have a signed parental permission slip, which can be found at