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Pulaski County Sheriff Greg Speck reports a Science Hill woman & two others were arrested on various charges Thursday, after Deputies served a search warrant on a North Highway 1247 residence.


Upon arrival, Deputies located two male subjects, later identified as Eric R. Peters and William D. Godby. A search of their vehicle uncovered 2 baggies containing methamphetamine, marijuana, and syringes.


Deputies had to force entry into the residence, where they located Angela N. Burdine in the  bathroom, attempting to flush items. Deputies located approximately 3 ounces of methamphetamine and 40 Xanax tablets in the toilet.


In a bedroom, Deputies found numerous baggies of suspected heroin, methamphetamine, digital scales, cash, baggies, and a safe, where a substantial amount of meth and heroin were located.


Altogether, authorities siezed just about 1.5 pounds of methamphetamine, 92 grams of heroin, 468 Xanax, and over $2,500 in Cash.


40 year old Eric Peters, and William Godby, 42, both of Somerset, along with Angela Burdine, Age 29, Science Hill, are all facing a long list of drug charges. All three were transported to the Pulaski County Jail without incident.


The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office has been assisted in the investigation by the Lake Cumberland Area Drug Task Force, Kentucky State Police, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Pulaski County Detention Center. The investigation continues. 


Sheriff Speck asked that if you have any information about drug activity or any crime, you can also leave an anonymous tip on their webpage at