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The Liberty City Council met in regular session Monday.


The Council heard a 2nd reading of an ordinance related to Property Tax Rate for 2020. At the last meeting, the rate was set at .219 per $100 of assessed valuation for real and personal property, and .208 of assessed valuation for motor vehicles. Councilman Micah Meece made a motion to approve the 2nd reading, Carla Turner 2nd the motion. The Council approved with Councilman Richard Montgomery as the only NO vote.


Trick or Treat hours in the City of Liberty  was set for Saturday, Oct. 31st from 5-7:30pm. Face coverings are recommended.


Mayor Steven Brown proposed some flood mitigation work behind Butcher Street...



The Council voted to pursue the effort, pending a request for information on application fees from the Division of Water.


The next regular scheduled meeting of the Liberty City Council will be Nov. 9th.