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Internal conflict inside the Monticello Police Department has resulted in some personnel changes, and investigations by the city's Mayor, and Kentucky State Police.


An incident was reported in the squad room on July 15th. The next day, Mayor Tracie Sexton reassigned Officer Ronnie Ellis II to patrolman status. He was suspended pending the investigation.


The other Officer involved in the incident was Zachary Bybee, son of Monticello Police Chief Joe Bybee. 


An attorney representing Officer Ellis released a statement saying Ellis was investigating the purchase of stolen, or seized property by a fellow officer. 


Ellis signed a separation agreement in August. His eight years with the Department will end as of Dec. 31st. He will continue to serves as Patrolman til the end of the year. Part of the separation agreement states that his investigation into Officer Bybee would be handed off from the Mayor to the KSP, however, no case was officially opened.


Former Jamestown Police Chief, and Detective with Russell County Sheriff's Office, Joey Hoover, has been appointed as Assistant Chief of the Monticello Police Department.