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Pulaski County Sheriff Greg Speck reports that a Somerset man was arrested on drug charges following a traffic stop at 3:35 am Wednesday morning, July 29, 2020.

Deputy Tan Hudson was conducting patrol duties around 3:35 am Wednesday on Highway 27 when he observed a 2004 Black Honda C-RV driving erratically with an altered license plate.

The Deputy conducted a traffic stop and came into contact with the driver, Melvin Baker, age 39 of Poplar Estates Road, Somerset, Kentucky.

Mr. Baker granted Deputy Hudson's request to search the vehicle after Deputy Steven Alexander and Officer Tim Miller of the Somerset Police Department arrived at the scene to assist.

A black backpack was located in the back seat that the driver claimed was his. A search of the pack led to the discovery of 16.4 grams of white crystalline substance that Mr. Baker claimed was methamphetamine. A small silver scale was also located in the pack.

A search of Mr. Baker's person, incident to the arrest, netted $985 cash.

Melvin Baker was transported to the PCDC and was charged with:
1. Trafficking in Controlled Substance, 1st Degree, 1st Offense (> or = 2 grams methamphetamine).
2. Drug Paraphernalia-Buy/Possess
3. Careless Driving
4. Improper Display of Registration Plates


An investigation continues by Deputy Tan Hudson of the PCSO.