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The Liberty City Council held a special called meeting Thursday.


The council voted to declare the City's older garbage truck as surplus, as well as the fire departments cascade system.


Three people were appointed to the Property Code Enforcement Board, including Mayor Steven Brown, Richard Montgomery, and Rhonda Warner.


Councilman Richard Montgomery advised the council that there are several garbage customers that have not paid their bill. Consequently Rumpke Sanitation has ceased garbage collection at those addresses. Montgomery reported that it has been nearly a month since some of those customers have had their garbage picked up. The council discussed what could be done as possible fines/fees to those customers for not paying their bill. The matter was tabled until the next regular meeting.


Also on the agenda was audit results from the City's last audit. Mayor Steven Brown says the auditors had no findings which means a clean report. He says those auditors will present their findings at the next regular meeting on the second Monday in June.