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A Casey County man arrested Saturday after witnesses reported he was intoxicated and waving a gun.


Deputies Brown & Pierce, with Casey County Sheriff's Office, responded to the call shortly after 6pm Saturday at the Dollar Store in Yosemite. The caller stated 31 year old Shannon R. Phelps, of Yosemite, was on a Side by Side, drinking alcohol and waving guns at people. 


When Deputies arrived, they found Phelps in the drivers seat with his hands raised. Phelps reportedly smelled of alcohol and had in his possession, 4 hand guns, and 2 long rifles.


Phelps failed sobriety tests and was taken to the Casey County Hospital for blood testing, then taken to the Casey County Jail.


He's charged with DUI-3rd Offense, Possession of Open Alcohol Container in a Motor Vehicle, ATV Violations, & Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree.