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The Liberty City Council met in regular session Monday.

The first order of business was to declare a Proclamation for Retired Teachers Appreciation Week.
Mayor Steven Brown...

The Council held a 2nd Reading of an Ordanance pertaining to the Property Tax Rate, which remained unchanged from last year. The compensating rate stays at .219. The only NAY vote came from Councilman, Richard Montgomery.

Next on the agenda was the Proposed Garbage Franchise. Representatives from Rumke Sanitation were again on-hand. A lengthy discussion was followed by the issue being tabled again, and will resume at the next meeting.

The Council then went into Executive Session for about 20 minutes with No Action being taken.

The Council resumed and proposed a property purchase.
Mayor Steven Brown...

The motion was approved.

The next meeting of the Liberty City Council is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 11th.