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The Liberty City Council held a Special called Meeting this afternoon at City Hall.

At the top of the agenda was a 2nd Reading of an Ordinance Approving a Mayor Pro Tem to preside over council meetings in the absence of Mayor Steven Brown. Councilman Richard Montgomery requested a discussion prior to voting...

Former City Councilman, Doug Johnson, suggested the council member who received the most votes should automatically be named to that position, instead of allowing the council to decide...

The Council voted to approve that Ordinance, naming Micah Meece as Mayor Pro-Tem. Meece was also the top vote getter among the council in the last election.

Another Ordinance scheduled for a 2nd Reading was aimed at approving a Franchise Agreement with Charter Communications, concerning Cable Fees in the City. That item was tabled for the next meeting to allow for further study.

Two other Ordinances were approved for 2nd Reading, one amending the 2018/19 Budget, the other adopting the 2019/20 Budget, both were approved.

The next regular sheduled meeting of the Liberty City Council will be July 8th.