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The Adair County Sheriff's Office is pleased to introduce its newest member of the team, K-9 "Nitro", a 1½ year old Belgian Malinois who has received his certification in narcotics detection of 5 controlled substances including: methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana. Nitro is also certified in human tracking, whether it be criminal or a missing/lost person. He will be handled and live with Adair Co. Deputy Josh Durbin, a 3½ year veteran of the office. Deputy Durbin has met all the qualifications and has received his certification as a K-9 handler. 
Nitro was purchased from Alpha Canines LLC, a Kentucky based kennel who specializes in law-enforcement dogs. The purchase of this dog was made possible by the support of the community in the form of donations. A list will be provided soon. 
According to Adair Co. Sheriff Josh Brockman, they're excited to get this program started and believes it will be beneficial in combating the drug problem in the county. Brockman goes on to say they know it will not stop the problem, but anything that helps them remove any narcotics from the community is one less opportunity that they'll fall into to the hands of our loved ones.