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The Shoreline Stations offers the most competitive rates to advertise your business or organization. We offer various packages and sponsorships that will fit your advertising needs. Let one of our trained and experienced marketing represenatives set up a personal consultation with you today! Below is a list of our marketing represenatives.



Brent Thompson      270-634-1953   brent@wvlc.com

Lisa Fisher-Clark     270-250-5707    lisaclark@shorelinestations.com

Jefra Bland Hines    270-789-4998    jefra@shorelinestations.com

Lisa Kearnes           270-402-4036    lisakearnes@gmail.com

Don Salmon            270-634-0665    don@shorelinestations.com

Delno Salmon         270-849-7685    delno@shorelinestations.com

Dana Walker           270-250-2657    dana@shorelinestations.com